Friday, 15 February 2013

Days 13, 14 & 15 - JJ Market & back to Siam

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

For some of you, V-day would have been yesterday like it was for me and for others on the other side of the world, it's today. Whatever it is that you did or you're going to do, I hope that it is with someone important to you. It doesn't have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be a friend, a sibling or even spending time with you mum or dad.

Ok back to my hauls for days 13, 14 & 15.

Day 13 was a Saturday and we went to JJ market which is a weekend market. It's the largest market in Thailand and apparently the world's largest weekend market as well. Either way, it's huge and I doubt you'll be able to cover the whole market in one day. You can find all kinds of goods at JJ market and because it's so big, it's really easy to get lost in one of the alleys and lose your sense of direction so make sure you're always with someone if you're planning to go there.

The prices are relatively inexpensive with most clothing items at around 300 baht or less which is equivalent to about $10 AUD.

I got this gold braided headband for a party I'm going to next Saturday and the theme is white with gold toga inspired accessories so this is perfect.


When my bf saw this top, he said I HAD to get it hahahaha and I did because it's so cute! It's pink chiffon material with a picture of ballet slippers and 2 cute coral coloured bows on the front.

I bought the above 3 items from the same shop. I told you guys I'm really into sheer chiffon tops at the moment and couldn't help myself so I bought 2 more >_< The shorts are super cute as well. It's a darker pinkish colour and I like how the black bow doesn't overwhelm the shorts but adds a nice touch to them.

 These two tops were also bought from the same shop and I think the name is Costume Cafe or something like that. The top with the little hearts is a loose short sleeve cotton top which is super comfortable for wearing at home or out on a casual date with a pair of shorts. The chiffon top has a bow at the back and is open on the back as well.

I just realised that all the clothing I bought from JJ market is pink >_<

Day 14 was Chinese New Year so that was spent with family and doing CNY stuff but we did manage to go to Siam Paragon for a little bit and I spent the whole time in Kinokuniya which is a bookstore that stocks books in English, Chinese, Japanese and Thai among others. I get called a bookworm and nerd by my bf all the time because I LOVE reading books and I can spend forever in a bookstore ^_^

Anyway, I picked up these books:

I've heard some good things about this Bobbi Brown makeup manual so I am excited to go through it and see what tips and tricks I pick up.

I also like books on fashion and style so these two jumped out at me while I was browsing.

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE reading novels based on asian history especially Chinese history. There was a few more novels set in ancient China which I wanted to buy but they were a bit heavy so I will just order them online.

Ok so day 15 was back to Siam but this time but I especially went to Loft at Siam Discovery which is one of my favourite shops in Bangkok. Loft is a store which has really cool stuff for the home, cute stationery, jewellery, some makeup, cool kitchenware. Basically, it just has super cool and cute stuff.

I actually didn't get much from Loft, just some falsies, a concealer palette and blush palette by Catrice Cosmetics and some false lash application tools. I've never heard of the Catrice brand but I've started using the concealer palette and I must say, I'm quite happy with it.

I headed back to Siam Paragon and at the department store, I stocked up on my Laneige Makeup Primer Sebum Control which I use on a daily basis and my current one has now run out. I also picked up the Snow BB Cream. I haven't tried it but I'm hoping I'll be just as happy with it as I am with other Laneige products.

At the department store, I picked up more false lashes. I've been buying quite a lot of falsies here but it's because they're so much cheaper here and I can actually find a lot of styles which have the clear lash band instead of the normal black lash band.

Just outside the department store, there was kiosk selling these "love" pillows and I have a long pillow at home but not many pillowcases because it's hard to find in Perth so I bought these 2 pillowcases which are super cute.

Ok that's a super long post and I have to go out now so I'll write to you guys later ^_^

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